Help Center Update


(Note: This guide is for minor updates within the same version, e.g., from an earlier release of SRO2024 to its latest version, not for major upgrades between different versions like SRO2018 to SRO2024.)

Update to latest version:

  1. Check Requirements. (Please refer to: Helpcenter: Requirements)
  2. Close Smart Report Organizer Windows Application.
  3. Stop Smart Report Organizer Windows Service if Running. (Please refer to: Helpcenter: Windows Service Settings)
  4. Backup Database: Helpcenter: Backup Database (Important: Perform this step before starting the upgrade to prevent data loss.)
  5. Download SRO2024: Download Page (Please refer to: Helpcenter: 32-BIT or 64-BIT Decision)
  6. Install the New Version: Run the installer and install the new version over the old one