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Move to new computer:

  1. Check Requirements. (Please refer to: Helpcenter: Requirements)
  2. Close Smart Report Organizer Windows Application.
  3. Stop Smart Report Organizer Windows Service if Running. (Please refer to: Helpcenter: Windows Service Settings)
  4. Backup Database: Helpcenter: Backup Database (Important: Perform this step before starting the upgrade to prevent data loss.)
  5. Download: Download Page (Please refer to: Helpcenter: 32-BIT or 64-BIT Decision)
    If you are using SRO2018, then download SRO2018 from the bottom of the download page or upgrade here: Helpcenter: Upgrade License
  6. Activate your new installation with your existing license which you can find in your account here: My Account
  7. Copy both database files from the old computer to the new computer.
    • [Your-Current-Installation-Folder]\Db.mdf
    • [Your-Current-Installation-Folder]\Db.ldf
  8. ​Run SRO on the new computer and if everything works as expected, then uninstall SRO on the old computer.
    (Each license can only be used once)