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Configure Parameter Settings

Configuring parameters

For more flexibility you can use a Report with Parameters.

  1. Double click a Report Job to open the settings window.
  2. Click Register: [Parameter]
    • Parameter: Add a Report Parameter.
    • Dynamic Parameter: For Date or DateTime Parameters, you can choose between static or dynamically calculated parameters.
    • Multiple Parameters: If your report uses parameters with "Allow multiple values", then several values can be entered here.

Dynamic Date Feature Notes:

  • Dynamic Date Feature will always be calculated when the job starts.
    • Example:
      • Choose [Today(Days)] with Offset [+3] to calculate the date in 3 days.
      • Choose [Monday(Weeks)] with Offset [+3] to calculate the first Monday in 3 weeks.
  • Dynamic Date Feature only works for Date or DateTime parmeters.
  • Dynamic Date Feature will not work for Date-Range parameter (Allow range values = True or Allow multiple value = True)
    • In this case simply use 2 Date Parameters instead of 1 Date-Range-Parameter:
    • parameter datefrom dateto
  • Dynamic Date Feature always works with a time of 00:00:00, even when working with DateTime. ​This will be problematic if you try to calculate a a time span!
    If the time does not matter, then just filter (for example): DATE({YourTable.YourDatetimeField}) in DATE({?DatetimeFrom}) to DATE({?DatetimeTo})
    But if the report should filter the records by time, then you have to specify date and time in separate parameters.
    • DayFrom Date Parameter
    • DayTo Date Parameter
    • TimeFrom Time Parameter
    • TimeTo Time Parameter
    • DateTimeCalculatedFrom Formula Field with: DATETIME({?DayFrom}, {?TimeFrom})
    • DateTimeCalculatedTo Formula Field with: DATETIME({?DayTo}, {?TimeTo})
    • Report Filter: {YourTable.YourDatetimeField} in {@DateTimeFromCalculated} to {@DateTimeToCalculated}
      Example Report

Sort order parameters:

  • The order of the parameters is defined in the Crystal Reports itself.