Crystal Reports Scheduler

Schedule and send your Crystal Reports automatically

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Schedule Reports

Schedule your crystal reports

View Reports

New Crystal Reports Viewer

Refresh Reports

Refresh live data with single click

Email Reports

Export directly to mail recipient

Export Reports

Export to PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, XML, HTML, RPT, DOC ...

Send Reports to printer

Export direct to a printer

Logging feature

Which report was sent when

Password Protection

Protect your connection string passwords


Use Credentials for multiple Database authentication

Override Parameters

Simple override your Crystal Reports parameters

Override Connections

Simple override your Crystal Reports connections

Dynamic Text Feature

Use Dynamic Text in Mail & Filenames

Empty Report Handling

Empty Report Handling


Running Jobs simultaneously

Scheduling with Windows Service

Without being logged in


New: FTP Upload

CSV Options

New: CSV Export Options

Neuen Bericht hinzufügen ...

Wähle einfach deine Crystal Reports Bericht aus und lege fest wann der Bericht automatisch erstellt werden soll.

Ziel auswählen ...

Wähle einfach das Format und das Ziel aus zu dem der Bericht erstellt, verschickt und exportiert werden soll.

Windows Service verwenden ...

Mit dem Windows Service, kann die Anwendung jederzeit geschlossen und der Rechner neugestartet werden. Es ist keine Anmeldung am Rechner mehr notwendig.


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Crystal Reports Scheduler - Description

Email your crystal reports with Smart Report Organizer or simply use it as a crystal reports viewer with a lot of useful functions.
Would you like to have automation features like exporting & delivering for your Crystal Reports?
We provide the perfect scheduler solution for you!
Smart Report Organizer is a crystal reports scheduler, allowing you to schedule Crystal Reports automatically to multiple users in multiple formats at regular intervals.
You can easily schedule your reports in any period (hourly, daily, monthly, etc.), in multiple document types (Excel, PDF, CSV, ...) and different file locations (File-server, Email Destination, Printer, etc.).
Our scheduler solution will save you a lot of time and gives you the professionally you are looking for.

How it works

Automatic Software & Business Intelligence & SAP Crystal Reports

Automatic Software

Automatic Software

Smart Report Organizer is the modern Automatic Software to automatic schedule your Crystal Reports. Improve your Business Intelligence solutions with powerful, flexible, and automatic scheduled reports that enable timely, fact-based decision-making.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

With Smart Report Organizer the Crystal Reports Scheduler you can improve your Business Intelligence solutions with powerful, flexible reports that enable timely, fact-based decision-making.

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports (Businessobjects) software is the reporting tool for you business.
Create powerful, richly formatted, dynamic reports from data sources across your organization.