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Crystal Reports Scheduler

Schedule, export, distribute and email your crystal reports automatically

Free Version | Full Version $ 200 (1 year)

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Crystal Reports Scheduler
Schedule, export, distribute and email your crystal reports automatically

Free Version | Full Version $ 200 (1 year)

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Main Features

Scheduled Reporting

Automate the distribution of your Crystal Reports.

Report Viewing

Open and view Crystal Reports in our Viewer.

Report Execution

Run Reports on demand.

Email Reports

Directly send reports to recipients via email.

Export Reports

Export reports in various formats including PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, XML, HTML, RPT, DOC and more.

Direct Printing

Send your Crystal Reports straight to a printer.

Execution Logging

Log the execution of your reports.

Password Protection

Secure your connection string passwords.

Multi-Database Connections

Use credentials for multiple database authentications.

Parameter Overriding

Easily customize Crystal Reports parameters.

Dynamic Text

Incorporate dynamic text in emails and filenames.

Empty Report Handling

Configure how to deal with empty reports.


Create and send multiple reports simultaneously.

Windows Service

Run the application in the background without being logged in.

FTP Upload

Directly upload files to an FTP server.

PDF Export Feature

Export to PDF files.

Excel Export Feature

Set advanced options for XLS files.

CSV Options Feature

Set advanced options for CSV files.


Add new job...

Just select your Crystal Reports and set the scheduled times.

Choose destination ...

Choose the format and destination for your report. Smart Report Organizer will automatically create the file and send it to its destination.

Use Windows service ...

With the Windows service, the application can be closed at any time. You do not need to log in to the computer anymore.


Smart Report Organizer

Your Ultimate Crystal Reports Scheduler

Unlock the full potential of Crystal Reports with Smart Report Organizer, the ultimate Crystal Reports Scheduler. Streamline your workflow by automating the distribution and delivery of your reports with our sophisticated yet user-friendly Crystal Reports Distribution system.

Elevate your report management to new heights with our Crystal Reports Viewer, designed to offer a seamless viewing experience, coupled with a suite of powerful features, all at no cost with our Free Crystal Reports Viewer.

Harness the power of automation by learning how to email Crystal Reports automatically, saving time and boosting productivity. With Smart Report Organizer, scheduling and exporting your reports becomes a breeze, offering diverse formats like Excel, PDF, CSV, and more, and delivering them to a multitude of destinations including Fileserver, Email, and Printer.

Embrace the future of reporting with our Crystal Reports Automation services, allowing you to set up regular report deliveries at any interval – hourly, daily, or monthly. Say goodbye to manual processes with our Automate Crystal Reports Export feature, ensuring your reports are distributed promptly and precisely as needed.

Choose Smart Report Organizer for professional, efficient, and automated report management that stands out.


Innovative Reporting Solutions

Automation Application

"Smart Report Organizer: Revolutionizing Report Distribution with Automation" Experience the future of report management with Smart Report Organizer, a cutting-edge automation application. It's specifically designed for the effortless and automated distribution of Crystal Reports. Leverage the power of automation to schedule and execute the distribution of your reports with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Business Intelligence

"Elevate Your Business Intelligence with Smart Report Organizer" Smart Report Organizer redefines the way you distribute Crystal Reports, offering a seamless and fully automated experience. Harness this modern application to boost your business intelligence strategies. Ensure that your high-performance, versatile reports reach your key decision-makers promptly and without manual intervention, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

SAP Crystal Reports

"SAP Crystal Reports: The Ultimate Reporting Tool for Your Business" SAP Crystal Reports, a component of Business Objects software, stands as a premier reporting tool that empowers your business. It enables the creation of richly formatted, dynamic reports that draw on diverse data sources within your organization. This tool is essential for businesses seeking to make informed decisions based on comprehensive and detailed data analysis.