Email Crystal Reports with Smart Report Organizer

One of the most popular features of the Smart Report Organizer is the ability to automatically email Crystal Reports to other people. As soon as a report has been scheduled for automatic dispatch, it is regularly generated and sent by e-mail.

You can define the settings for your e-mail account here:

Here you can store your SMTP server, username and password and which port should be used.
In addition, you set here whether the e-mail should be sent via SSL and whether the e-mail should be sent in HTML format.

The settings for the individual Crystal Reports are defined here:

Job Settings Report Distribution
Here you can store the sender, recipient, email subject & email body for each individual report job.
You can also use HTML in the e-mail message to send beautiful and well-formatted messages (with images, links and text formatting, etc.).

Here is an example of how a message in HTML format can look:

Email Example

You can also use automatically calculated variables (Dynamic Text Feature) in the e-mail subject and in the message, for example to display the time span of the report in the e-mail subject.
The Dynamic Text Browser helps you with countless examples and you can also test your texts there, which are then immediately converted and displayed.

Dynamic Text Feature

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