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Smart Report Organizer is a Crystal Reports Viewer and Scheduler that saves you time and money by distributing your SAP Crystal Reports automatically.

To do so, you simply create delivery jobs for your Crystal Reports and define when (time interval), how (file format) and where (destination) your reports are to be sent.

The 3 steps of planning:

  • When (Time Intervals):

    First, you create a delivery job for your Crystal Report and choose which time intervals the report should be exported in.
    You have endless options. Choose from, for example, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, by the minute or by the second
    You can also choose the end of the month, certain days of the week, or certain intervals. Example: Your report should be exported hourly between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

  • How (File Format):

    Next, choose which file format your report should be exported as. .
    You can choose from all common formats such as Word, Excel, Pdf, Txt, Rpt, Csv, Xml, Html etc
    You can further set additional Excel and CSV file format parameters here.

  • Where (Destination):

    Lastly, you choose the destination for your Crystal Reports job.
    Again, you have plenty of options: You can send your reports directly to an e-mail recipient,
    save it to a folder (local hard drive, network folder, DropBox/OneDrive etc.),
    send it to a printer or upload it to an FTP server.

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